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Ezekiel’s Call is a Southern Gospel trio from West Salem, OH.  Ezekiel’s Call was formed in 2012 by sisters Jamie and Jennifer Shaw.  Jason Woods joined the group, forming what you see today, in March 2017.  When you combine the tight family harmonies of sisters Jamie and Jennifer, then add the dynamic voice of Jason, you get something exciting!  It is the desire of Ezekiel’s Call to POINT THE LOST TO THE CROSS THROUGH SONG.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to check out our website, and learn a little bit more about our ministry!  We would love for you to consider us for one of your upcoming church services, revivals, concerts, or events!  We pray that your special event would be successful, and most importantly, that someone would come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!  We would count it an honor to have the opportunity to work with you.

Ezekiel's Call Ministries | Jamie, Jennifer & Jason

H O T O F F T H E P R E S S !

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Meet the group

Jamie Shaw

Vocalist - Alto

Jamie Shaw was born to Stacy and Becky Shaw on October 9, 1991. That same month, Stacy launched his family’s singing ministry, “The Pearly Gates”. As a young child, Jamie would anxiously await to be called up to the platform during her family’s concerts to sing her special song with her sisters. One of her grandfather’s favorite memories to share was holding Jamie on one knee and her sister Jessica on the other, while they sang their song, to keep them from wrapping themselves up in the microphone cords! In 2005, Jamie went on to become the lead vocalist for The Pearly Gates. In 2012, Jamie began a new journey when she, along with her sister Jennifer, founded Ezekiel’s Call Ministries. Jamie also works in Commercial Insurance.

Jason Woods

Vocalist - Lead

Jason Woods was born to Ed and Rose Marie Woods on July 1, 1975. Jason grew up as a “Preacher’s Kid”, and always has a story up his sleeve about that. When Jason was four years old, he was at a church service where a lady was singing Southern Gospel music. Even though he was in his footie pajamas, she gave him his first opportunity to get up and sing a song! His passion for singing began there. Jason was always intrigued by Southern Gospel Quartets. He has fond memories of having the opportunity to sing at concerts along side Ivan Parker. After spending many years singing with a Quartet, Jason joined Ezekiel’s Call in March 2017. Jason is also a preacher, ordained through the Southern Baptist Church. Jason resides near Waynesburg, PA with his wife and children.

Jennifer Shaw

Vocalist - Soprano

Jennifer Shaw was born to Stacy and Becky Shaw on November 2, 1986. At that time, Stacy was beginning his first ministry outside of singing with family, “The God’s Heavenly Echoes”. Jennifer was born on a Sunday, and was at The God’s Heavenly Echoes practice the following week. Stacy formed a family ministry, “The Pearly Gates” in 1991. As a young child, Jennifer and her two sisters would get up and sing special songs when The Pearly Gates were out ministering. They lovingly became known as “The J Sisters”. The J Sisters were even invited to be the Feature Group at the Buckeye State Gospel Singing Convention! In 2000, Jennifer became the lead singer for The Pearly Gates. In 2005, Jennifer stepped down from The Pearly Gates to attend Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Upon returning to Ohio, Jennifer became involved with a local ministry supporting Transport For Christ. Through this work, Jennifer began reconnecting to the Southern Gospel circuit, and began to build a network. In 2012, Jennifer and her sister Jamie founded Ezekiel’s Call Ministries. Jennifer also works in Commercial Insurance, and designs event flyers for ministries and local churches.