Jamie Shaw

Jamie Shaw
Vocalist - Alto

2019 LGMA Female Vocalist of the Year 2019 LGMA Alto of the Year

Birthday - October 9
Home Church - West Hill Baptist (Wooster, OH)
Favorite Restaurant - Five Oaks Farm Kitchen
Favorite Beverage - Sweet Tea
Favorite Sports Team(s) - Alabama
Favorite Vacation Spot - Pigeon Forge, TN
Favorite Artist/Group - Gold City with Tim, Mark, Jonathan and Jay
Favorite Musician - Jen Ledger
Favorite Bible Verse - Mark 8:36
Favorite Store - Hobby Lobby
Favorite TV Show - This Is Us
Most Embarrassing Moment - That one time I called Namaan a leopard...
Favorite Memory “On the Road” - When Ed O'Neal decided to take us into NQC through the artist entrance, but we didn't have passes yet.  Security tried to stop us going back out, and Ed and Les told her we were with them.  She was not happy, and watched us like a hawk the rest of the week.  She caught us once without anyone, but we had our passes by then.